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I'll be writing about my agave experiences here

I plan to mount a few agave expeditions from base camp, a 14,500 square foot lot where I'm hosting the first few hundred plants and building up the initial stock for the business. I'll be writing about that experience here, in case you'd like to check in from time to time. -- John Carroll

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The amateur at work

Podcasts will go here. This is going to take awhile and I expect we'll be doing a lot of zoom. Sign up for notifications below. I've worked in journalism for 46 years and I plan to continue to write and question experts on agave while I grow it. But I don't ever plan to present myself as an expert. At least not for the first 10 years.


Stay in touch, if you like

I won't be selling any advertising, but I will start putting up podcasts and blog 

posts about my experiences in the agave world. You can fill this out to stay in touch for emails. But I won't be selling lists of followers or anything like that. 

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