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OK, now let's talk about urine diversion (peecycling people)

Updated: Jul 8

Yes, you heard right.

If you check the back of any bag of commercial fertilizer, you will see a simple chart on NPK: the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium inside. These are the key ingredients that ignite growth.

For some years now, I've used somewhat diluted urine on my garden in Harlingen, TX. It has thrived without the widespread use of a commercial fertilizer.

Fertilizer is responsible for 2-3% of all carbon creation in the world, while waste purification and runoff consumes resources and spawns a choking pollution in waterways and oceans.

As I broaden my work on agave and yucca, I plan to build up added urine resources for any of my fertilization needs. I'll explain more as I get into this. In the meantime, there have been studies on this topic regarding the potential of urine diversion. Here's one I'd encourage you to look at.

In the meantime, I'd also encourage you to take advantage of the free resource at hand, so to speak, and start substituting urine for commercial fertilizer. And you can tell other people about it as well. I've cleared several rooms in minutes with the u word.

No one is a prophet at your family reunion. But they'll all have a good laugh later. And that is something.

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